Reporters Muzi reports: Mainland Construction Machinery Industry stride towards international

Reporters Muzi reports: Mainland Construction Machinery Industry stride towards international, mainland officials estimate that by 2015, China will become a major exporter of machinery industry, accounting for one-tenth of global demand. Many companies are interested in using Hong Kong's capital market, to expand overseas. However, concerns China's core components of the industry is still dependent on imports, called on the government in the "five" plan to encourage innovation to enhance the content. 5 years up to $ 20 billion exports   Although the global manufacturing industry to enter the adjustment period, but the Chinese industry is still the situation is excellent, the China Construction Machinery Association, Jun Qi in an interview means that next year's construction machinery industry growth may slow, but still maintained double-digit growth . By 2015, industry sales will reach 900 billion yuan, expect profit margins to 7%, of which 30% is exported. He pointed out that estimated that by 2015. the international market demand for construction machinery products will reach $ 200 billion, of which China's exports accounted for $ 20 billion may be about to become a major exporter.   Widely believed that the government's "five-second" planning a little conservative, in which large-scale engineering machinery enterprises as the Mainland, Guangxi Liugong has been set for the next five years, sales of 50 billion plan. Guangxi Liu Gong newspaper that President Yang Yichuan, which accounts for one third of the international export hopes, more than 100 million. He pointed out that China after several years of construction period, the demand for heavy machinery into the saturation plateau, the preparations should be early to go to other developing countries, India, South Asia, South America is a very promising market.   Speed ​​up overseas acquisitions to be listed in Hong Kong   To improve market share overseas, Liugong was first taken abroad in the middle, planned acquisition of Polish HUTASTALOWAWOLA (HSW), which is the second two years ago Zoomlion to € 271 million acquisition of CIFA of Italy's top construction machinery enterprises, the Chinese construction machinery company in the overseas market, the second acquisition.   Yang Yichuan said that the future will continue to identify good acquisition, there are plans to set up overseas headquarters in Hong Kong to co-ordinate all international business, and its push to mature companies listed in Hong Kong to expand its international influence. Called on policy support to help industry   China construction machinery to become a big country, one of the core components is constrained to rely on imports. Zhang, chairman of Elcoteq Heavy steel frankly, the import price for the domestic price of 10 times, he hoped that the Government could take the lead, enterprises and universities to support their own research and development, Yang Yichuan also said that the current R & D costs Liugong 5% of total revenue, the future will gradually improve, but he stressed that this is not a company to resolve the matter, need the government to come forward, the list will be national policy, make overall planning, Japan, for example, is from the R & D to sales are more policy support.   China Construction Machinery Association, Working Committee Secretary-General Feng Gui agents infants and pointed out that China is not without ability, the key is related to consciousness is weak, the government needs determination, hope in the "five" components during the development of supporting policies to encourage the introduction, in order to support industry long-term development.   Been hailed as the dean of large-scale construction machinery Professor Sun Zuwang pointed out that China is technically not particularly difficult to overcome, not the key is to manage with, for example in the production of cleanliness, the workers can not be executed.



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