Equipment manufacturing industry in Liaoning have been a one-third of the world.

     This is the central implementation of the northeast since the strategy of revitalizing old industrial bases, equipment manufacturing province accounting for the proportion of industrial added value reached a record high.      As the current statistics, the province's total number of enterprises above designated size equipment manufacturing industry has reached more than 8,000 households, compared with a net increase of more than 2,000 households last year. The challenge facing the international financial crisis, the size of the equipment manufacturing industry in Liaoning grew and grew. January to May, the province's industrial added value in the equipment manufacturing industry 88.752 billion yuan, up 18.1%; above-scale industrial enterprises of the province's total industrial added value up 31.8% share.      In recent years, the provincial government to give priority to the development of equipment manufacturing industry restructuring, Liaoning Province, identified as a priority, to accelerate the construction of Shenyang and Dalian West Industrial Corridor "along the two areas," two world-class equipment manufacturing base in the strategic deployment. As traditional industries in Liaoning's equipment manufacturing industry in the province's overall economic development pattern is becoming increasingly prominent. This year is the first pillar industry in Liaoning's industrial equipment manufacturing, continue to overcome the international financial crisis and other negative factors, to further build on this. The first five months of above-scale enterprises in the province's total industrial added value rose from 2002 to nearly 1 / 4 to nearly 1 / 3, the first pillar block header increases.      Investment rise, not fall. This year, the province's financial discount on technological renovation funds to invest in the equipment manufacturing industry for nearly half, to lead all financial discount to invest in social capital equipment manufacturing, financial discount capital of Liaoning has a total investment of 7.39 billion yuan to support the 39 equipment items, technical innovation investment discount capital 190 million yuan, accounting for 47.6% discount on technological renovation funds, many large projects stronger the equipment manufacturing industry,Brilliance Group A-Class production line, ZWZ-megawatt wind power project and parts localization Yuanda Group 1.5 MW wind power equipment and other advantages and growth projects are to become beneficiaries,January to May, the province's equipment manufacturing industry investment in fixed assets totaled 57.43 billion yuan, up 60.7% over the province's industrial fixed assets investment growth 16.4 percentage points higher, is the "Eleventh Five-Year" has been the fastest-growing fixed asset investment year, accounting for the province's industrial fixed assets investment rose 38.1%. Investment of 2 billion yuan of equipment manufacturing projects 200.      Growing small and medium enterprises, key enterprises bigger and stronger. In the global financial crisis, Liaoning contrarian flying equipment manufacturing SMEs, the first five months, more than 2000 enterprises into large-scale enterprises. Meanwhile, a number of key corporate position to continue to consolidate. The first five months, China CNR Dalian Locomotive Company realized an industrial output value of 2.33 billion yuan, up 116.5%; TBEA change of industrial output value of the company 1.74 billion, an increase of 61.9%; DHI DCW Group to achieve road industrial output value of 6.48 billion yuan, an increase of 47.9%.      Restructuring to accelerate, growing new industries. This year, Liaoning's equipment manufacturing industry to further expand the field of development, a group of companies has grown to a new leader in the field. DHI DCW Group Road from the beginning involved in wind power equipment industry's most high-end target, and now has become China's largest MW wind power equipment manufacturers, following the mass production of 1.5 MW device, the 3 MW wind power equipment has been developed successful, will mass, Liaoning Xinfeng Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. through the introduction of technology, development and production of world-class high-pressure common rail diesel engine electronic control system with independent intellectual property rights, to fill the gaps, an annual output of 400,000 sets, Chinese high-pressure common rail system, step into the world-class.



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